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Navigating the shift to value-based healthcare.

The healthcare industry in the United States is making a shift to value-based healthcare. While the traditional fee-for-service model of payment rewarded providers for the quantity of services they delivered, value-based care rewards provider for the quality of care they furnish their patients.

The promise of value-based healthcare is appealing: more coordinated care, less waste, better patient outcomes, and a reduction in the cost of providing healthcare overall. This is in sharp contrast to the old model of healthcare in the U.S., where healthcare was fragmented and expensive, and where billions of dollars were wasted each year in unnecessary or ineffective treatment and operational inefficiency.

Healthcare organizations seeking to thrive in this new value-based healthcare market must address significant operational challenges. From refining processes and streamlining workflows to implementing new technologies that improve communication and information sharing, healthcare organizations will need new technology, deep expertise and additional support to navigate the shift to value-based healthcare.

For health plans, health systems and post-acute care providers seeking value based care solutions, naviHealth offers industry-leading expertise and proven technology.

Manage value-based healthcare with naviHealth.

For nearly 20 years, naviHealth has been the leading care transitions company providing scalable technologies, post-acute care expertise and clinical services to help organizations achieve their financial, quality and clinical business objectives. naviHealth is the perfect partner for healthcare organizations making the fundamental shift from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare. By working with naviHealth, organizations can generate greater revenue in the new value based payment system while managing risk in the value-based healthcare market more effectively.

Organizations working with naviHealth value-based healthcare solutions are empowered to:

  • Increase the quality of care and improve patient outcomes for more effective care coordination.
  • Lower hospital readmissions by successfully aligning and engaging positions and focusing on quality over quantity of care.
  • Drive greater revenue and lower costs by reducing the cost per episode and minimizing unnecessary utilization.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

naviHealth benefits for value-based healthcare.

As healthcare organizations reorient operations to the value-based healthcare model, naviHealth can provide:

  • Clinical support services that deliver on-site or telephonic support, helping to guide patients to the optimal post-acute care setting and advising on implementation of value based healthcare delivery processes and workflows.
  • Advisory solutions and expert analysis that can help to identify process improvements for cost savings and benchmark performance and best practices.
  • Scalable, proprietary technologies that help to reduce readmissions, promote cost savings, increase utilization of skilled nursing facilities (SNF), and simplify workflows for value based payment in healthcare.

Learn more about value-based healthcare with naviHealth, and about value based payment healthcare solutions.

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