value based healthcare delivery

Managing the shift to value-based healthcare delivery.

Value-based healthcare delivery is transforming the healthcare industry, moving away from a fee-for-service payment model to value based care reimbursement that rewards quality of care rather than quantity of services delivered.

Healthcare delivery in the U.S. has traditionally been expensive and fragmented. The inability to effectively coordinate care between various providers and organizations has frequently resulted in less than optimal patient outcomes, as well as a significant amount of waste and greater overall spending on healthcare per capita. By focusing on better care coordination and alignment of patients, providers and payers, value-based healthcare delivery has the potential to substantially improve patient outcomes while reducing costs and eliminating waste.

To thrive in the value-based healthcare delivery paradigm, organizations will need to adopt robust value based care solutions and partner with conveners who can help to transform processes and workflows with new technology and expertise. That’s where naviHealth can help.

Solutions for value-based healthcare delivery from naviHealth.

For health systems navigating the shift from fee-for-service to value based care, naviHealth is a leading care transitions company with solutions and services that can help to optimize clinical, financial and quality outcomes across the care continuum.

As a convener for health systems participating in Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI), we provide the capabilities and expertise required to manage value-based healthcare delivery while partnering and sharing risk with health systems to drive greater success.

Our offerings in value-based healthcare delivery include:

  • Proprietary technology that impacts key savings levers and manages metrics for outcomes such as PAC level of care, high-quality PAC networks, hospital readmissions and skilled nursing facility utilization.
  • Reporting and advanced analytics in value based healthcare for NPRA support, gainsharing and increased provider engagement.
  • Clinical services that make available more than 420 skilled clinicians to help guide patients to the most appropriate next level of care.
  • Detailed analysis of complex sets of claim data that can help to identify target areas for savings.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

How naviHealth technology enables effective value-based healthcare delivery.

With support from naviHealth solutions for value-based healthcare delivery, health care organizations are empowered to:

  • Reduce the cost of providing post-acute care.
  • Align physicians effectively to improve care coordination and achieve MACRA requirements.
  • Engage patients and their caregivers in the recovery process more successfully.
  • Improve patient outcomes through more effective coordination and communication.
  • Plan for the future with solutions that position healthcare organizations for a broader shift to value based payment in healthcare.

Learn more about value-based healthcare delivery with naviHealth, and about naviHealth solutions for value based payment in healthcare.

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