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Optimize transition care management with naviHealth.

Transition care management (TCM) has become a critical priority for healthcare organizations nationwide. By more effectively and cost-efficiently managing patient transitions from acute to post-acute care, healthcare organizations are able to significantly improve patient outcomes, avoid readmissions, enhance patient satisfaction, and lower the overall cost of providing health care.

While the benefits of successful transition care management are clear, providing effective TCM services remains a challenge for most organizations.

naviHealth can help. As a leading provider in transition care management to healthcare facilities across the US, naviHealth empowers organizations to better manage care transitions across the entire care continuum.

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We’ve spent more than 18 years pioneering ways to improve every aspect of care transitions for health plans, providers and patients. From discharge planning efficiencies to managing risk for payors and providers, naviHealth is equipped to provide you with a tailored suite of capabilities.

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naviHealth: an experienced leader in transition care management.

naviHealth has been a pioneer in transition care management for nearly two decades, offering a combination of scalable technology, clinical services and advisory solutions. For health systems and health plans navigating the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, naviHealth offers post-acute-care expertise, proprietary technologies, clinical support and a post-acute provider network. With naviHealth support, organizations can optimize their quality, clinical and financial outcomes in transition care management.

naviHealth transition management services include:

  • Clinical support services, including the ability to embed naviHealth clinicians at hospitals and post-acute facilities. Our experts work side-by-side with your transitional care teams to guide patients to the right post-acute setting, minimizing the risk of avoidable readmissions and reducing unnecessary care.
  • Advisory solutions that leverage nearly two decades of transition of care management experience and expertise to improve enterprise-wide operational efficiencies, develop key insights and benchmark provider performance.
  • Scalable technologies that reduce the amount of time spent on labor-intensive transition care management tasks by automating and standardizing processes and workflows.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Advantages of naviHealth services for transition care management.

When healthcare organizations partner with naviHealth for transition care management, they are enabled to:

  • Interact with patients more effectively throughout their journey and receive daily heat maps that provide alerts to potential patient problems.
  • Develop key operational performance metrics to identify high-performing providers.
  • Initiate referrals earlier in the transition process to drive lower LOS.
  • Reduce readmissions by referring patients to the right post-acute setting.
  • Use automated decision-making tools to give clinicians more timefocusing on the patient.
  • Streamline workflows, optimize efficiencies and enhance network relationships with top providers.

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