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Improving patient outcomes with post-acute network solutions.

As patients transition from acute to post-acute care services, the right post-acute network solutions can help to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare spending.

Healthcare organizations and insurers are focusing a great deal of attention on the post-acute care continuum. As the industry shifts to value-based models of care, post-acute network solutions that help to manage care transitions more effectively and coordinate services more efficiently are critical factors of success. Patients are at their most vulnerable during care transitions, and effective post-acute network solutions can help to ensure they receive the right care at the right time, avoiding readmissions and improving healthcare outcomes.

The challenges for hospitals, health systems and post-acute care facilities includes building strong post-acute networks, efficiently managing referrals, connecting providers, and ensuring that healthcare information is shared accurately among clinicians. That’s where naviHealth can help.

Industry-leading post-acute network solutions from naviHealth.

For healthcare organizations managing the transition to value-based care, naviHealth is a leading post acute care transitions company offering the expertise, technologies, clinical services and a post acute care provider network to help optimize quality, clinical and financial outcomes across the care continuum.

Our post-acute network solutions include:

  • Advisory solutions that provide ongoing support and help hospitals and health systems drive care redesign. We provide up-front assessments of clinical workflows, discharge patterns and the post acute care network to help organizations increase operational efficiency, gain clearer visibility into processes, and benchmark the performance of providers in the post-acute network.
  • Scalable technologies that predict patients’ post-acute care needs, find appropriate post-acute providers, build high-performing networks, centralize referral management and improve the quality of care.
  • Clinical services that include providing experienced clinicians for co-located or telephonic support and embedding clinical teams in hospitals and post-acute facilities, helping to guide patients to the most appropriate care and developing effective post-acute network solutions.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Benefits of naviHealth post-acute network solutions.

By utilizing naviHealth post-acute network solutions, healthcare organizations can:

  • Improve communication and collaboration between providers.
  • Engage patients more effectively throughout their post-acute care journey.
  • Optimize operational efficiencies to reduce the cost of providing care.
  • Reduce readmissions by placing patients in the most appropriate acute care setting.
  • Reduce PAC spend and prevent excess PAC utilization.
  • Gain insight into key operational performance metrics.
  • Use data and post acute analytics to measure compliance with organizational processes and goals.

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