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Managing post-acute care effectively.

Providers of post-acute care – home health agencies, inpatient rehab facilities, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care hospitals and community services – play an important role both in helping patients through recovery and lowering the overall cost of healthcare. As the industry shifts to value-based care and providers are assuming more risk, effective post-acute care management is more critical than ever. With post acute care continuum spending expected to continue to rise as the number of people over 65 doubles by 2040, post-acute care is likely to become a central focus to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare spend.

Successful post-acute care requires coordination of the many providers a patient may see after an acute episode. Communication between clinicians, patients and their caregivers must be a top priority. The ability to share medical information easily and efficiently across the continuum is crucial to improving patient outcomes, reducing hospital readmissions and lowering length of stay (LOS).

For organizations seeking a partner that can help transform and improve post-acute care services, naviHealth offers industry-leading technology that connects all providers on a single platform to improve the quality of patient care.

naviHealth solutions for post-acute care.

As one of the world’s leading post acute care transitions companies, naviHealth is focused on making each patient transition as efficient and effective as possible. We also work to ensure that decisions surrounding these transitions are supported with data-driven information and insights, and that patients are engaged and guided every step of the way. With naviHealth, a post acute care provider can more effectively navigate care episodes across the continuum, reduce waste, enhance communication and improve the delivery of post-acute care.

Our post-acute care solutions include:

  • Scalable technologies and post acute care software to help efficiently manage referrals, standardize care transition workflows, improve collaboration with referral partners, and measure performance with data and analytics.
  • Advisory solutions that offer up-front assessments of discharge patterns, clinical workflows and post-acute care networks to help drive care redesign efforts and customize feedback for every aspect of post-acute care.
  • Clinical support services that place trained and skilled staff in participating facilities where they can help to guide patients through post-acute care as an integrated and influential part of the care team.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Advantages of partnering with naviHealth on post-acute care.

Healthcare organizations partnering with naviHealth for post-acute care management are able to:

  • Streamline workflows, optimize efficiencies, reduce readmissions and lower LOS.
  • Increase and enhance relationships and collaboration with top network providers.
  • Communicate efficiently and securely with providers, patients and their caregivers.
  • Predict the best patient journey to enhance maximum patient function outcomes.
  • Prevent excess PAC utilization and reduce PAC spend.
  • Increase patient satisfaction by providing a more defined and customized patient journey.

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