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Managing referrals with the right post-acute care software.

For post-acute care providers like skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehab facilities, home healthcare agencies and long-term care hospitals, robust post-acute care software can help to reduce the cost and complexity of managing the needs of patients transitioning between care settings.

Patients frequently experience lapses in care coordination as they move from acute to post acute care services. They often must see multiple post-acute care providers on their journey to recovery, and when communication between clinicians, patients and caregivers is not comprehensive and streamlined , risks increase and lack of coordination can lead to poor patient outcomes .

The right post-acute care software can help by connecting all providers in the post-acute care continuum on a single platform, helping to ensure seamless care transitions, collaboration and insight across all care settings. With the appropriate post-acute care software, providers can more easily ensure optimal patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care delivery.

naviHealth post-acute care software.

naviHealth is a pioneer in post acute care management, with nearly two decades of experience helping health systems, health plans and post-acute care providers to navigate care episodes across the continuum. With naviHealth as a partner, healthcare organizations are able to reduce waste, improve patient outcomes, centralize referral management, standardize discharge workflows and manage risk effectively whileprioritizing the quality of care. .

naviHealth post-acute care software helps to automate and standardize the care transition process. High-risk and high need patients can be easily identified with clinically validated and evidence-based assessments. Care teams can use post-acute care software to reduce the amount of time spent on labor-intensive care transition tasks, while IT teams can optimize and supplement existing IT investments with bidirectional, real-time APIs that use open standards like HL7 and SAML.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Benefits of post-acute care software from naviHealth.

naviHealth post-acute care software enables organizations to:

  • Collaborate and communicate electronically with referral partners about post acute services.
  • Manage referrals efficiently and standardize care transition workflows.
  • Improve response acceptance times by measuring performance with data and post acute analytics.
  • Improve relationships with top referral partners.
  • Push data automatically to EMRs or CRMs, streamlining the intake process and enabling immediate management of referrals.
  • Send referrals to clinical and non-clinical providers in the post acute care network.

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