post acute care network

Building a high-quality post-acute care network.

For hospitals and health systems, a high-quality and well-managed post-acute care network can have a critical impact on quality of patient care.

Patients and providers face significant risks as patients transition out of acute care to post acute services. Lack of communication between providers, poorly managed discharge processes, and ineffective care coordination may all contribute to less than optimal health outcomes, increased readmission rates and lower patient satisfaction. Effective post acute care management can address these issues to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Beyond the benefits to the patient, a well-managed post-acute care network holds significant advantages for healthcare organizations as well. When providers throughout a post-acute care network can communicate easily and share patient medical information freely, inefficiencies are reduced and the cost of providing care to the patient is decreased.

With an increasing aging population in the United States (the number of people over 65 is expected to double by 2040), a high-quality post-acute care network is quickly becoming a critical piece of the patient journey in healthcare. As they transition from fee for service to value-based care, many organizations are looking for ways to better manage their post-acute care network more effectively and cost-efficiently. That’s where naviHealth can help.

Manage your post-acute care network with naviHealth.

For nearly two decades, naviHealth has been a leading provider of solutions for post acute care coordination, helping health plans, health systems and post-acute care providers to achieve their financial, clinical and quality objectives. We streamline and coordinate transitions of care, breaking through barriers to optimize each patient’s path and ensuring more effective outcomes.

Our post acute network solutions include:

  • Scalable technologies that predict patients’ post-acute care needs, find the optimal care setting, streamline collaboration and communication with clinicians, and ensure the accurate exchange of medical information between providers.
  • Clinical support services that include co-located and telephonic support, as well as teams of skilled clinicians that can be embedded in hospitals and post-acute facilities to help guide the patient journey.
  • Advisory solutions that include assistance with care redesign and up-front assessments of clinical workflows, discharge patterns and evaluation of the post-acute care network.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

naviHealth benefits for the post-acute care network.

By managing the post-acute care network with naviHealth, organizations can:

  • Simplify the search for appropriate and available care across the post-acute care network.
  • Build and customize a high-quality post acute care provider network.
  • Enhance relationships with top providers.
  • Use historical data to analyze and project the optimal patient journey.
  • Reduce PAC spend and prevent PAC over-utilization by finding the most appropriate post-acute care setting for each patient.
  • Communicate efficiently, securely and timely with providers in the post-acute care network.
  • Gain insights into key operational performance metrics with post acute analytics.
  • Monitor operational efficiencies and measure compliance with organizational processes.

Learn more about naviHealth solutions for managing a post-acute care network.

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