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Post-acute care management today.

For post-acute care providers such as skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, inpatient rehab facilities, and long-term care hospitals, the quality of post-acute care management can have a tremendous impact on patient outcomes as well as profitability.

The obstacles to successful post-acute care management are significant – from effectively coordinating care and sharing electronic medical records to improving communication with patients and providers. Overcoming these pervasive and widespread challenges in delivering post-acute care services requires advanced solutions and powerful technologies. That’s where naviHealth can help.

naviHealth post-acute care management expertise.

naviHealth has been managing post-acute care and care transitions on behalf of health plans and health systems for nearly two decades. Serving both the payer and provider marketplaces, naviHealth provides clinical support services, data-driven technologies and advisory solutions that enable payers and providers to better navigate care transitions, improve quality and patient experiences, and reduce costs across the continuum.

Our post-acute care management services and technologies enable organizations to identify and participate in high-quality provider networks, to centralize referral management, to standardize discharge workflows, and to improve risk management while increasing the quality of patient care.

To streamline post-acute care management, we offer solutions that include:

  • Clinical support services. Our clinical specialists embed in post-acute care provider facilities to steward patients through post-acute care recovery.
  • Scalable technologies. Our post acute care software and technologies help to predict patient needs, generate personalized care plans, capture patient outcomes, and rank the performance of a provider’s post-acute care network on quality, effectiveness and operations.
  • Advisory solutions. Our highly experienced consultants provide expertise in creating high-quality post-acute provider networks and implementing value-based reimbursement models. We also provide advice on implementing and redesigning programs to improve post-acute care recovery and reduce readmissions.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Benefits of naviHealth’s post-acute care management solutions.

With post-acute care management solutions from naviHealth, you can:

  • Streamline workflows across your network of post-acute providers.
  • Improve post-acute care coordination by communicating more efficiently and securely with your provider community, and by increasing and enhancing relationships with top providers.
  • Use historical data to analyze and predict the best patient journey.
  • Reduce readmissions by placing patients in the most effective post-acute care setting the first time.
  • Communicate and interact effectively with patients throughout and after post-acute care recovery, receiving daily heat maps that alert you to potential problems.
  • Increase productivity and capture data to improve patient satisfaction, allocating resources more effectively across the post-acute care continuum.

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