post acute care continuum

Championing patients and containing costs across the post-acute care continuum.

The post-acute care continuum is the subject of great interest today for providers and payers alike. By more effectively managing post-acute care transitions, organizations should be able to achieve both improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare spending.

Patients are often most vulnerable when they move out of acute care to post-acute services, as there is often no longer a single provider coordinating care or taking responsibility for the patient’s journey. Poor information-sharing between providers and inadequate education of patients frequently results in increased utilization, a greater chance of hospital readmission, and an overall increase in the cost of providing care.

Conversely, when decision-making and treatment is well-coordinated across the post-acute care continuum, patients can achieve better outcomes and healthcare organizations can realize financial objectives.

Managing the post-acute care continuum with naviHealth solutions.

naviHealth has been a pioneer in care transitions for nearly two decades, helping healthcare organizations manage the post-acute care continuum more effectively. Working with health systems, health plans, and post-acute care providers; we deliver solutions that facilitate post acute care coordination, automate post acute care management, and connect providers within the post acute care network more easily and efficiently. By successfully streamlining and coordinating transitions of care, we help organizations drive better quality outcomes and generate greater cost savings.

Our solutions for the post-acute care continuum include:

  • Clinical support services that embed our skilled clinicians in participating facilities to steward patients through the post-acute care continuum and coordinate with patients, caregivers and clinical staff to ensure successful transitions toward recovery.
  • Scalable technologies that predict patients’ post-acute care needs and generate personalized post-acute care plans, automating and standardizing the care transition process.
  • Advisory solutions that offer expertise in forming high-quality post-acute provider networks, implementing care redesign and care management programs, and providing assessments of clinical workflows, discharge patterns and provider performance across the post-acute care continuum.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Advantages of naviHealth solutions for the post-acute care continuum.

When partnering with naviHealth on solutions to manage the post-acute care continuum, healthcare organizations can:

  • Streamline the search for appropriate and available care across an extensive network of post-acute providers.
  • Improve communication with the provider community, patients and their caregivers.
  • Increase and enhance relationships with high-quality providers.
  • Employ decision-support tools to predict the best patient journey, initiate referrals earlier in the transition process, and reduce readmissions by placing patients in the most appropriate post-acute care setting.

Learn more about naviHealth post acute network solutions for the post-acute care continuum.

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