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Improve post-acute care with robust post-acute analytics.

As your organization works to improve management of care transitions and post-acute care, the right post-acute analytics solutions can help to increase efficiencies, gain key insights, optimize workflows and enhance relationships with providers and patients.

Post-acute care management is a high priority for healthcare organizations today, especially with the industry-wide shift to value-based reimbursement. Providers are now more accountable than ever for delivering higher quality care and improving patient outcomes, and focusing on post-acute care is paramount. Ensuring a successful and positive patient experience requires organizations to improve care coordination and communication, allocate resources efficiently, automate and standardize workflows, and identify areas for clinical quality and process improvement.

Post-acute analytics are critical to this effort. Through data and analysis, healthcare organizations can more easily drive care redesign efforts to manage episodes of care more effectively across the post-acute care continuum and qualify for more easily for value-based reimbursement.

Post-acute analytics from naviHealth.

As a pioneer in care transitions and post-acute care management for more than 18 years, naviHealth provides healthcare organizations with solutions for post-acute analytics along with scalable technologies, post acute care software, clinical support services and other advisory solutions. Clients can leverage our expertise, experience and post-acute care network to optimize clinical, financial and quality outcomes across the care continuum.

Our post-acute analytics and reporting capabilities provide a wealth of data for improving post acute care services and increasing payment reform readiness. Out-of-the-box tools provide drill-down functionality, and interactive reports keep you in touch with important details of what’s happening with your patients and your organization.

Our post-acute analytics enable you to:

  • Offer greater transparency across the care continuum, gain insight into operations, connect with providers to establish strong networks, and ensure patients transition to the most appropriate next care setting.
  • Identify and track transition trends, booking and referral numbers, staff efficiency, case volume, facility utilization and high-risk cases.
  • Analyze data to optimize workflows, improve resource allocation, enhance network relationships and increase patient satisfaction.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Advantages of naviHealth post-acute analytics.

With naviHealth solutions for post-acute analytics, healthcare organizations are empowered to:

  • Improve outcomes by placing patient patients in the right setting with the right amount of services.
  • Align expectations across the continuum.
  • Elevate performance on key quality outcomes.
  • Measure compliance with organizational processes and goals.

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