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In a high-tech healthcare industry, high touch solutions still hold value.

While technology continues to revolutionize healthcare delivery, high touch solutions that emphasize the value of personal contact and human interaction remain a vital part of delivering quality care.

Technology has provided many new ways for transforming the patient experience. From virtual reality applications to patient engagement portals, mobile apps, wearable devices and online scheduling technology, patients have more ways than ever before to access information and engage in their healthcare journey.

But as sophisticated as healthcare IT solutions have become, they will likely never completely replace high touch solutions in the delivery of medical care. Patients still want personal contact with their providers, and high touch interactions are often critical to diagnosing problems, tracking progress and ensuring a positive patient experience.

Nowhere is this truer than in post-acute care management, where high touch solutions can ensure more seamless care coordination, clearer communication with patients and their caregivers, and more positive clinical outcomes that lead to reduced waste, lower costs and higher patient satisfaction. When seeking high touch solutions for post-acute care settings, more hospitals and health systems today turn to solutions from naviHealth.

High touch solutions from naviHealth.

naviHealth is a pioneer in care transitions, providing clinical services, advisory solutions and scalable healthcare technology that help organizations reduce waste, improve healthcare risk management and enhance patient outcomes. We offer a powerful combination of high-tech and high touch solutions that enable our clients to optimize financial, clinical and quality outcomes across the care continuum.

Our high touch solutions include clinical support services for health plans and health systems.

  • For health plans, we offer experienced clinicians who can provide co-located or telephonic support to steward members through their post-acute recovery. Coordinating with patients, caregivers and post-acute clinical staff, we support each member in their journey to recovery and their safe transition back to the community.
  • For hospitals and health systems, our high touch solutions include clinicians who can be embedded on site and in post-acute facilities to become an integrated and influential part of the care team. Our professionals are skilled at evaluating functional progress and medical complexity, and can ensure that each patient is discharged to the next level of care and post-acute setting that will maximize quality outcomes.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Benefits of naviHealth high touch solutions.

With high touch solutions from naviHealth, health plans and health systems are empowered to:

  • Maximize quality outcomes while minimizing the risk of avoidable readmissions and reducing unnecessary care.
  • Identify areas for clinical quality and process improvement through data analysis and by leveraging our clinical expertise.
  • Engage patients more effectively in their own care plan to provide higher quality care and more meaningful interactions.

Learn more about high touch solutions from naviHealth and about naviHealth acute care case management technology and care coordination software.

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