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As the U.S. healthcare industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, healthcare technology is the key to improving clinical outcomes, reducing waste, enhancing the patient experience and achieving financial goals.

Healthcare technology is especially important in the continuing transition to electronic medical records and value-based payment models that require greater care coordination across the continuum. With robust healthcare IT solutions, payers and providers can share information more easily, engage patients more effectively and manage care more efficiently.

Decision support tools are a critical component of healthcare technology. By providing quick and accurate information to clinicians and healthcare management professionals, these tools help to improve the speed, accuracy and effectiveness of decisions being made every minute of the day about each patient’s path to recovery.

As a leading provider of high-tech and high touch solutions for health plans, health systems and post-acute care providers, naviHealth offers a powerful suite of healthcare technology solutions – along with clinical services and advisory solutions – that can help to deliver more effective care and generate more cost savings.

Healthcare technology from naviHealth.

naviHealth’s healthcare technology solutions deliver customized, patient-centric care plans by identifying each patient’s need for post-acute care as well as the patient’s risk for readmission. naviHealth’s decision support tools also enable organizations to individualize post-acute care plans for patients, and to use unique and proprietary data elements to identify high-performing, high-quality post-acute providers.

naviHealth healthcare technology solutions include:

  • nH Identify, a tool for admission that helps to identify the patient’s risk of readmission, the need for post-acute care and the recommended level of care specific to each patient.
  • nH Predict, a healthcare technology solution that creates a severity-adjusted and personalized post-acute care plan to steward patients to the most appropriate next level of care.
  • nH Perform, the tool for identifying high-performing, high-quality providers in order to create and manage a post-acute care network and to improve patient outcomes.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

The benefits of naviHealth’s healthcare technology.

Healthcare technology from naviHealth empowers health plans, health systems and post-acute care providers with powerful data to:

  • Align expectations and incentives across the care team as well as patients, families and caregivers.
  • Predict the best post-acute setting and therapy required for each patient, using historical and proprietary data from more than 2 million patient records.
  • Reduce patients’ length of stay (LOS) by initiating referrals earlier in the hospital stay.
  • Improve patient satisfaction with a more thorough and personalized care plan.
  • Minimize readmissions by stewarding patients to the most appropriate providers for post-acute care.
  • Improve healthcare risk management by using data and analysis to build and manage a high-performing post-acute network.

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