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The role of post-acute care in healthcare risk management.

As the US healthcare industry continues to shift to value-driven healthcare delivery, healthcare risk management is increasingly focused on the quality of care transitions.

Value-based care rewards providers based on quality of care rather than volume of services. As a result, care transitions – especially in post-acute care settings – have become a significant point of focus for organizations seeking to take advantage of value-based reimbursement models.

Traditionally, care coordination in post-acute settings has been fragmented among providers, leading to less-than-optimal outcomes for patients and more expensive care for providers and payers alike. The value-based system is causing organizations concerned about healthcare risk management to seek ways of coordinating care more effectively and improving communication and collaboration between providers, patients and their caregivers.

That’s where naviHealth can help. As a leading provider of solutions for integrated care transitions in post-acute care management, we can help to streamline processes and optimize workflows to improve healthcare risk management and ensure better clinical outcomes.

Improve healthcare risk management with naviHealth.

naviHealth has been a pioneer in care transitions for more than 18 years, providing clinical support along with scalable healthcare technology and advisory solutions to health systems, health plans and post-acute-care providers. Our services enhance healthcare risk management by reducing waste, lowering costs, minimizing readmissions and improving outcomes for patients as they transition from acute care medical services to post-acute care and recovery.

Healthcare organizations can strengthen their healthcare risk management initiatives by utilizing a variety of naviHealth high-tech, high touch solutions, including:

  • Clinical support services that embed skilled clinicians in hospitals and post-acute facilities, providing on-site expertise to help guide patients to the most appropriate next care setting.
  • Scalable healthcare IT solutions that automate and standardize the care transition process and streamline discharge planning workflows.
  • Advisory solutions that deliver up-front assessments of workflows, discharge patterns and post-acute-care networks, helping to increase efficiency, develop insights and benchmark provider performance.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Benefits of naviHealth solutions for healthcare risk management.

With healthcare risk management solutions naviHealth, organizations are empowered to:

  • Maximize quality outcomes, minimize avoidable readmissions and reduce unnecessary utilization.
  • Develop clinical quality and process improvement recommendations to improve healthcare risk management.
  • Minimize financial risk by streamlining workflows, lowering costs and reducing the amount of time spent on labor-intensive care transition tasks.
  • Leverage naviHealth analytics and experience to better allocate resources, enhance network relationships with providers and increase patient satisfaction.

Learn more about healthcare risk management and naviHealth, and about naviHealth case management software.

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