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New healthcare paradigms require revolutionary healthcare IT solutions.

As the healthcare industry moves toward new models of providing care, healthcare IT solutions are critical to helping organizations successfully meet healthcare management objectives for improving outcomes, reducing waste and lowering overall costs.

The shift to value-driven healthcare – where providers are reimbursed for quality of care rather than quantity of services – means that organizations must provide greater care coordination across the continuum. These efforts require powerful healthcare IT solutions that allow providers to collaborate more easily, track progress more effectively and communicate more clearly with patients and their caregivers.

When searching for healthcare IT solutions that can help navigate the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, more organizations today are turning to revolutionary healthcare technology and services from naviHealth.

Healthcare IT solutions from naviHealth.

naviHealth is a leading provider of clinical services, advisory solutions and scalable technologies that empower organizations to navigate care episodes across the continuum. Our healthcare IT solutions are designed to streamline and coordinate transitions of care to drive better quality outcomes, generate greater cost savings, reduce readmissions and achieve financial objectives.

Our healthcare IT solutions include:

  • Workflow management tools that enable providers to seamlessly coordinate the patient journey. Our care coordination software solutions help to standardize and streamline transitions of care, facilitate real-time communication with acute care providers and share information across a network. Our tools also enable utilization review processes and integration with hospital EMRs to optimize patient episodes across the care continuum.
  • Decision support tools that enable customized patient journeys and ensure high-performing post-acute care networks. Our healthcare IT solutions help to identify patient need for post- acute care medical services and risk of readmission, while also personalizing post-acute care plans and ensuring patients receive the right amount of care in the right setting at the right time.
  • Patient empowerment tools that guide patients toward self-management for better outcomes. Our technology also enables providers and care navigators/coordinators to engage patients via multiple channels, to coordinate patient transportation and to facilitate collaboration with community service providers.
  • Reporting and analytics tools that deliver insight into operations, connect providers to establish high-qualitynetworks, and ensure patients smoothly transition to the most appropriate next care setting.

The patient journey may start at the hospital, but that’s only just the beginning.

Advantages of naviHealth’s healthcare IT solutions.

When you choose healthcare IT solutions from naviHealth, you’ll be better equipped to:

  • Streamline workflows to optimize operational efficiencies, reduce readmissions and lower length of stay.
  • Increase and enhance network relationships with top providers.
  • Reduce readmissions, prevent excess PAC utilization and reduce PAC spend by placing patients in the right next care setting.
  • Improve healthcare risk management with insight into key operational performance metrics.

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