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Improving outcomes with health management technology for health plans.

As health plans strive to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing value-based healthcare environment, many are turning to health management technology to help reduce costs and improve patient outcomes in a critical area of health care: post-acute care.

Care provided to patients across post-acute care settings has traditionally been fragmented and inefficiently coordinated. The implications: increased hospital readmissions, poor patient outcomes and increased costs for health plans. With health management technology to make post-acute care coordination more effective, health plans can improve the quality of care patients receive while reducing expenses and driving savings.

When choosing health management technology, many health plans today are seeking partners who can share risk while delivering state-of-the-art solutions and outsourced clinical services. That’s where naviHealth can help.

Health management technology from naviHealth.

For nearly two decades, naviHealth has been managing post-acute care and care transitions for health plans and health systems. We serve both the payer and provider marketplaces, providing clinical support services, advisory solutions and data-driven technologies that streamline workflows, support decision-making, empower patients and enable clinical integration.

We offer a comprehensive suite of health management technology for health plans, hospitals and post-acute care providers, including patient case management software, discharge planning tools and post-acute care provider evaluation software.

Our health plan solutions include nH Predict, a proprietary and evidence-based health management technology that optimizes patient results by developing individualized patient-centered care plans. nH Predict uses patient function (adjusted for risk factors) and approximately 2 million records of real patient outcomes collected in our patient data management system to predict an individual’s post-acute outcomes in a variety of post-acute care settings. nH Predict can accurately estimate the optimal first post-acute care settings and length of stay, the functional improvements that patients can expect, the post-discharge burden of care and the discharge setting from a skilled nursing facility. With this data, health plans can ensure that patients receive the right amount of care in the optimal setting for the appropriate amount of time, helping to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

An Experienced Partner

We’ve spent more than 18 years pioneering ways to improve every aspect of care transitions for health plans, providers and patients. From discharge planning efficiencies to managing risk for payors and providers, naviHealth is equipped to provide you with a tailored suite of capabilities.

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Advantages of naviHealth’s health management technology.

With health management technology from naviHealth, health plans are better able to:

  • Improve patient outcomes and enhance member satisfaction by accurately predicting their post-acute care needs and creating personalized post-acute care plans.
  • Document patient outcomes with patient outcomes software and use the data to support continuous performance improvement.
  • Develop and monitor high-quality post-acute provider networks.

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