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Improving outcomes with the right decision support tool.

When patients are discharged to post-acute care, the right decision support tool can help to ensure they receive the right level of care in the most appropriate location for the optimal amount of time.

The post-acute care process is often one of the most challenging aspects of the patient recovery journey. Ensuring that patients are getting the care they need is critical to improving outcomes, minimizing risk and reducing readmissions. As the healthcare industry moves toward value-based care, providers need a decision support tool that can perform an accurate patient assessment prior to discharge, predicting the amount of care a patient will need, creating a specific patient post-acute care plan and monitoring patient progress to ensure the best possible outcomes.

For healthcare organizations seeking a powerful decision support tool, naviHealth offers scalable clinical assessment technology that has been proven successful in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

A decision support tool from naviHealth.

For nearly two decades, naviHealth has been partnering with health plans and health systems to manage post-acute care and care transitions more effectively. Our health system and health plan solutions combine clinical support services, healthcare consulting solutions and data-driven technologies to help payers and providers better navigate care transitions, improve care quality, enhance patient experiences and reduce costs across the continuum.

Decision support tool options from naviHealth include:

  • nH Identify. This decision support tool accurately identifies a patient’s need for post-acute care as well as risk of readmission and delivers a level-of-care recommendation.
  • nH Predict. This proprietary and evidence-based decision support software enables providers to generate individualized patient-centered care plans that optimize patient results.
  • nH Perform. This decision support tool helps providers to rank and trend the performance of skilled nursing facilities using a common set of scoring criteria to evaluate quality, operations and effectiveness.

An Experienced Partner

We’ve spent more than 18 years pioneering ways to improve every aspect of care transitions for health plans, providers and patients. From discharge planning efficiencies to managing risk for payors and providers, naviHealth is equipped to provide you with a tailored suite of capabilities.

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Benefits of naviHealth’s decision support tool.

With a decision support tool from naviHealth, healthcare organizations are better able to:

  • Reduce readmissions by directing patients to the most appropriate post-acute care settings.
  • Improve outcomes by using historical, proprietary data from more than two million patient records to predict the optimal post-acute setting and treatment program.
  • Reduce LOS by initiating referrals earlier in the hospital stay.
  • Prevent excess post-acute care utilization and reduce unnecessary post-acute care spend.
  • Align expectations across the care team and with patients, families and caregivers.
  • Enable clinicians to spend more time focusing on the patients that require the most care.
  • Increase patient engagement and satisfaction with a more personalized care plan.
  • Collect and analyze outcomes from various post-acute settings to create and manage a high-performing post-acute network.

Learn more about decision support tools software from naviHealth, and about naviHealth’s value based consulting services.

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