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It takes powerful case management software to navigate post-acute care transitions.

For healthcare organizations transitioning to value-driven healthcare, the right case management software can help to manage care transitions more effectively and qualify for value-based reimbursement.

The new models for value-based reimbursement reward providers for delivering quality care and improving clinical outcomes. Managing transitions in post-acute care is critical to this effort.

Coordinating care becomes far more difficult after discharge from acute settings. In order to ensure quality care and avoid readmissions while minimizing costs, organizations must communicate clearly with patients and their caregivers, coordinate care among multiple providers, and streamline processes, optimize workflows and increase efficiencies.

The right case management software can have a significant impact on the success of care transitions. By automating tasks and providing transparency into processes, a powerful case management software solution can streamline the process of guiding patients to the most appropriate post-acute care setting.

When choosing case management software to optimize care transitions and improve the patient experience, more healthcare organizations today turn to care coordination software from naviHealth.

Case management software from naviHealth.

naviHealth provides clinical support services, advisory solutions and scalable technologies including case management software for organizations navigating the fundamental shift from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare. As a Cardinal Health company, we have more than 18 years’ experience in care transitions and post-acute care management, uniquely positioning us to provide clients with high-tech, high touch solutions that help achieve their clinical, financial and quality outcomes across the continuum of care.

For case management software, we offer a suite of solutions that includes:

  • Workflow tools to seamlessly coordinate the patient journey from acute care to post-acute settings and through recovery.
  • Decision support tools to develop customized patient journeys, discover high-performing providers and identify patient need for post-acute care.
  • Patient empowerment tools to guide patients toward self-management, intervene when necessary to improve outcomes, coordinate patient transportation and access committee service providers.
  • Reporting and analytics tools that use data to improve efficiencies, monitor performance and align expectations across the continuum.

An Experienced Partner

We’ve spent more than 18 years pioneering ways to improve every aspect of care transitions for health plans, providers and patients. From discharge planning efficiencies to managing risk for payors and providers, naviHealth is equipped to provide you with a tailored suite of capabilities.

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Advantages of naviHealth case management software.

With case management software from naviHealth, healthcare organizations are better equipped to:

  • Guide patients effectively and cost efficiently to the most appropriate post-acute care setting.
  • Reduce readmissions and unnecessary utilization by placing patients in the right care setting during each transition.
  • Communicate easily and effectively with providers, patients and their caregivers.
  • Enhance maximum patient function outcomes by predicting the best patient journey through analysis of historical data.
  • Increase productivity, reduce waste and optimize efficiencies.
  • Gain insights into key operational performance metrics.
  • Simplify healthcare management and streamline acute care case management.

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