Patient Navigation

Improving outcomes one patient at a time with non-clinical, high-touch support as they transition home from an acute or post-acute stay.

What is Patient Navigation?

Our team engages one-on-one with each patient for a 30-day period to identify social determinants of health and medical needs. Partnering with both clinical and community resources helps narrow the divide between care plans and patient adherence. We believe in the power of bringing the human touch to health care — engaging, educating and empowering patients in their healthcare decisions greatly supports their path to recovery.

Acute to Home

  • Engage one-on-one with each patient
  • Collaborate with caregivers, providers and the discharging facility staff
  • Utilize the discharge plan as the tool to achieve better outcomes for the patient
  • Promote continuity of care in the outpatient setting

Outpatient Surgery to Home

  • Ensure pre-operative needs are met
  • Assist with post-surgery medication adherence
  • Establish continuity of care enabling the patient to recover faster

Our Partners in Serving Seniors

Medicare Advantage

Commercial Health Plans

Hospital Systems


Self-Funded Groups

Medicaid HMOs


Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, ER visits and medical spend

Increase patient satisfaction and quality improvement scores

Foster long-term functional and social outcomes


A white paper for patients enrolled in one of our non-clinical, transitional care programs after a hospitalization shows that in 2018 hospital readmission rates decreased by as much as 33 percent.

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