Get to Know Emily Tyson, VP of Product | naviHealth

Emily Tyson grew up in Alabama before attending Washington and Lee University, a liberal arts school in Lexington, Virginia. It was a great fit for her in terms of the academics, but it was two core values which were the main attraction. First, there’s a strong honor code, which placed a lot of trust on the students. It pushed everyone to be good and honest students.  Second, there’s a speaking tradition, which means you should say hello to someone as you are passing by. These values demonstrated that she would be part of a core community that cares for one another and it would be the building blocks for what she values in terms of success in business and her career.

Tyson never envisioned herself as a Wall Street type, but she hit a point in her career where it made sense to push herself out of her comfort zone and be in the financial capital of the world. She moved from the south to New York City, where she worked for Merrill Lynch on leveraged buyouts mainly in the healthcare industry.

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