Home-Based Medical Care

Improve outcomes and reduce costs for seniors through a highly responsive and intensive care model in the home.

Seniors with multiple chronic conditions and frailty are a high-risk population with frequent emergency room visits and subsequent hospitalizations. To improve outcomes for these seniors, naviHealth partners with providers and payers to deploy a home-based medical care program, nH houseCalls.

nH houseCalls addresses the needs of high-risk seniors through a primary and palliative care model that is delivered by a physician-led interdisciplinary team in the patient’s home.

Eligible Population Characteristics

Represents ~5% of the Medicare Advantage (MA) population but >30% of MA spend

Per member, per month costs 4-5x more than the MA population average

Typically 6-7x the MA population average of inpatient utilization

>50% of skilled nursing facility admits

~140% medical loss ratio

~20% annual mortality rate

Patient-Centered Care Model

The nH houseCalls interdisciplinary team works with patients and caregivers to create personalized care plans that focus on the patient’s goals. Our team closely collaborates with other providers and community services to coordinate care. nH houseCalls is built on a “call us first” care model. Patients can contact the nH houseCalls team 24/7 for any questions or urgent care needs to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

Improving Outcomes for Patients and Partners

By deploying a highly responsive and intensive care model in the home, nH houseCalls decreases total cost of care and ensures more accurate reimbursement. nH houseCalls reduces emergency room visits, acute admissions, readmissions, post-acute care and increases accuracy of patient condition documentation.

Reduces Cost of Care

Increases Quality Outcomes

Improves Member Experience

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