Health Plans

naviHealth manages post-acute care management on a delegated, full-risk basis for health plans.

How naviHealth Can Help You

naviHealth's combination of proprietary clinical decision support tools, in-market care coordinators and provider network analytics ensure your members discharge to the appropriate post-acute setting, receive the right therapy and transition safely back to their community without readmitting.

Clinical Support Services

  • Embed in participating facilities in local markets to steward members through their post-acute recovery.
  • Coordinate with the member, the member’s caregivers and the post-acute clinical staff to ensure the member makes a full recovery and transitions safely back to his or her community.
  • NCQA-certified in utilization management.

Scalable Technologies

  • Predict patients’ post-acute care needs and generate personalized post-acute care plans.
  • Allow health plans to form and monitor high-quality post-acute provider networks.
  • Capture patient outcomes data to drive continuous performance improvement.
  • Rank and trend the performance of the provider’s post-acute care network for quality, effectiveness and operations.

Advisory Solutions

  • Provide expertise in forming high-quality post-acute provider networks, including implementing value-based reimbursement models.
  • Advise health plans on implementing care redesign and care management programs to improve members’ post-acute recoveries and reduce readmissions.

Results Through Custom Solutions

Significant improvement in patients’ functional recovery

>10% reduction in readmissions from post-acute facilities

>15% reduction in post-acute medical expense

Improved member satisfaction

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