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BPCI Advanced: The Next Frontier of Value-based Care

Bundled payments signify the future of value-based care, so how can your organization champion participation in the approaching BPCI Advanced model? And what does your organization need to know to drive success in the unique opportunities it offers?

If your organization applied for BPCI Advanced on March 12th and you’re wondering what’s next — or if you’ll be considering application in 2020 — we’ve rounded up the highlights.


Part 2: Payer-provider partnerships – Industry experts weigh in

Payer-provider partnerships are dramatically changing today’s healthcare landscape, but are they really a new thing? And how will their increasing prevalence influence the future of care, either for better or worse? Today we’re talking to Marilyn Denegre-Rumbin, JD, MBA, and Director, Payor-Reimbursement Strategy for Enterprise Marketing with the Center of Excellence at Cardinal Health, as she shares her take on the topic.


Essential Insights, Expert Voices: The evolution of payer-provider partnerships

As the healthcare world continues to embrace innovative value-based care models, provider-payer partnerships have become a driving force of change in the industry. What players and factors have shaped this trend? And how will these collaborations transform the future of care?

In this first installment of a 3-part Essential Insights series, naviHealth experts will answer these questions and offer examples of how these evolving collaborations are already impacting care across the United States.