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Essential Insights, Expert Voices: The evolution of payer-provider partnerships

As the healthcare world continues to embrace innovative value-based care models, provider-payer partnerships have become a driving force of change in the industry. What players and factors have shaped this trend? And how will these collaborations transform the future of care?

In this first installment of a 3-part Essential Insights series, naviHealth experts will answer these questions and offer examples of how these evolving collaborations are already impacting care across the United States.


Patient engagement: Finding the right balance between high-tech and high touch

Technology has provided a wide range of valuable options for improving the patient experience — one that extends beyond traditional care settings to incorporate care across a wide clinical spectrum. In these Essential Insights, we explore best practices for healthcare administrators to adopt to ensure positive patient experiences and reiterate the idea that technology will never entirely replace the value of human interaction, particularly in healthcare environments.


BPCI Participation Readiness: 4 Things You Need to Know

While participating in bundled payments can be a complex endeavor, health systems nationwide have proven them to be a reliable way to transform how patients experience post-acute care, reduce total costs to the healthcare system, and most importantly, improve outcomes for patients. With CMS’ upcoming announcement on the new model of BPCI expected soon, we urge health systems to begin preparing for this important step on the road to value-based care success.